I don’t create artwork or edit artwork, just print. Make sure your image is high resolution and sized correctly.
Make sure you upload a transparent PNG file that is 300DPI or higher for the best printing results.
I am NOT responsible for pixelated artwork or backgrounds that print with your image.  If you need a single color removed (ie: Black or White) I can do that, but that will remove it from the entire image.

Pressing your DTF-Print
In my shop, I press them at 325 for 25 seconds. Wait until they completely cool, then peel. Press again for another 25 seconds with a Teflon sheet. This produces the best results from all of my testing. Any extra powder should be removed with the 2nd press and Teflon sheet.

Care Instructions
For the best results with your new printed garments, always wash in cold water with the garment inside-out. Tumble dry on medium heat.

My print has lines
If your print has visible lines, it might be because your image quality is less than 300DPI.   This is why I recommend you export your images using “Print Quality” or 300DPI and above PNG file.  You can contact me and I’ll do my best to work with you to take care of this issue. 

My order shows shipped, but not picked up
I’m sorry about this, my local USPS has been informed due to the number of shipments I have going out on a daily basis they are not supposed to scan your package when they pick it up.   I’ve had customers who have had orders delivered without a single scan in the USPS system.   Sometimes barcodes or shipping labels are damaged, and they hand write on your package where it goes.  If your order sits like this for more than 3 business days, I can open up a case with my local ANNEX to track your package.

My image is smaller than expected
If your image is printed smaller than you expected, the most common cause for this is empty space in your image.   If you have excess space between the border of the image and your design, that will take up print space.  When your order is printed, it is sized to the dimensions you order.  If your image is smaller on one size, it is not stretched to fill all available space.   The aspect ratio is maintained so the image is not distorted.   

 My order was damaged
Sometimes this happens.   I make sure to insure all packages shipped with USPS with a $50 value.  You will have to open up an insurance claim and I’ll be happy to work with you and also expedite a reprint of your order for you.   

I need to cancel my order
Things change, and sometimes your customers may change their minds as well.  Please reach out to me ASAP to cancel your order and I’ll do my best.   If your order has already printed and shipped, I’m unable to cancel and issue a refund.  If your order has not been printed and shipped yet, I will work with you on a resolution.  It may be in the form of a gift card / account credit to use on a future purchase.